Guns Of Mercy : 8 Bit Nostalgia

There’s an offline game I found couple weeks ago called Guns Of MercyStorybird is the one behind its production and it receives pretty high rating on Google Play. Pictures said it’s probably interesting and sent me memories of my old time games. It was during Nintendo era I knew something with such style. This game itself is pretty similar to Contra, if you’ve ever heard or played, which is a side-scrolling platformer game. Difference is, this game is more in endless shooting with no main story.

Nostalgic Graphic And Feeling In Guns Of Mercy

Playing Guns Of Mercy really brings me some old memories back. I was growing up with video game especially Nintendo when I was a kid. This game really brings the golden era of 8-bit back to our grasp of hands. It’s style is so simple and a little bit full of contrast. Some people might not feel comfortable with its choice of colors. You could get red, orange, yellow, blue, and green (in mono color 8-bit style) in one frame, so yeah, that’s one minor criticism from me. Aside from that, it really great thing that I stumbled across this game.

guns of mercy

Gameplay And A Hidden Gem

In Guns of Mercy you’re taking role of a soldier with range weapon. This soldier will descend elevator down to unlimited (I guess) stories. Per floor you need to blast every incoming enemies those are coming in your way, both airborne and ground. Each enemies give you money and fuel. You can use the fuel after it’s 100% to deploy a giant mecha but only last a few second as it deplete your fuel pretty fast. Level will instantly finish after you reach the needed numbers of enemies you need to slay. You can upgrade your hero’s statistics (power, speed, accuracy, etc) as well as weapon and skin (appearance).

guns of mercy 2

guns of mercy 3

By the way there’s a flaw (read : gem) the developers probably forget to remove. In the shop, at weapon upgrade section you can view some ads to get extra crystals. There’s this one feature that needs you to visit a web for extra 20 crystals but it won’t disappear after one click. You can try this for unlimited times. This is either the devs did it on purpose or a game bug. So devs, if it’s what you really want, you might want to remove this flaw. By using this loop hole, I can get a great avatar as well as advanced weapon.

So far I love playing this game since it really reminds me the nature of old school games, especially Contra. The game is really simple and you can even do this during a short spare time. I can count this as a casual game despite having serious-like nuance. Anyway I’m gonna call it a day now, visit my blog for daily foodie and gaming reviews, leave me some comments down below, follow my Instagram account @bitethefood, and see you next time!

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