Green The Planet 2 : Strong Message In Endless Journey

About a month ago I found a cool game called Green The Planet 2. It was developed by Obokaidem. This game have above 4 stars rating so I decided to give it a go. It was the second installment that had the same title. Basically it was an endless game but somehow carrying a great massage for all human being. The game is pretty fun to play despite only have a few action for us to do.

What Exactly Is It?

To make it simple, I think I can desribe Green The Planet 2 as mini shooter game but made in arcade game environment. I think it was an endless game since I played a bunch of levels but still I got no story whatsoever. All you can do is just repeating the same gameplay all over but in different stages and environment. Speaking of the environment, I think the graphic designers were pretty skillful in designing amazing views. They took outer space as the main environment but modified it with various details for each the planet

I love how the designers rendered exquisite scenery but in simple manner, like pixel arts for example. I might try to learn pixel art more seriously from now on though.

Short Story And Gameplay

In Green The Planet 2 your job is to revitalize dying planets in the univrse. That sounds cool, huh? Seems like you’re taking a damn important part of something colossal. You’re taking a role of some kind of creature with UFO and pay some planets a visit to resurrect them. You set your spaceship as a base and build some anti meteor cannons. These cannons are of course to shoot some meteors down and you need to collect life energy from destroyed meteors. This energy is the one used to revitalize the planet. Everything is so dead when you first come to a planet but as you inject the life energy, it starts to regrow plants all over the planet.

green the planet 2

Inside your spaceship base, you can adjust several thing by upgrading them. The ‘money’ you need to do so is the life energy as well so you have to calculate your needs properly, either revitalizing or upgrading. As you finished to save a planet from dying, you will move onto the next one with different view as well. Every life energy you spent for cannon(s) will be converted back and could be used for next level. That’s pretty handy.

Aside from the endless gameplay, I value more into what the developers might try to say, which is to save planet. Our planet. Through a game, they passed this message so at least we’re moved to do some actions to help our planet. At least stop making it worse. Some people might just enjoy the game purely but somehow I’m catching this message :D. Anyway, I will call it a day for now, pay my blog daily visit for routine updates on foodie and gaming, pour me words at the comment section below, follow my foodie Instagram account @bitethefood, and see you next time!

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