Glutinous Rice Snack : Ageless Indonesian Snack

Glutinous Rice is one type of Indonesian snack that was, is, and will be popular regardless the era. It was a snack even when my grandparents were still kids. Nowadays you can find popular glutinous rice-based snacks since people are inventing lot of possibilities with this main ingredient. Some use it to create sweet dessert. Many sellers are combining it with condensed milk, various toppings (choco chips, choco sprinkles, cheese, etc.), but the real snack is when you eat plain with grated coconut. That’s the very Indonesian way of eating this snack.

What Glutinous Rice I had..

Yesterday my mom bought home some food and snacks. This traditional glutinous rice was one of them.

glutinous rice 1

I think this is the most basic presentation you can get as an Indonesian snack. You get a small package of glutinous rice (ketan in Bahasa Indonesia) with grated coconut put on top of it. The portion was really small, probably 2 biters or even 1. The snack was soft and perfectly cooked, in my opinion. I didn’t know how fresh that was but commonly any glutinous rice based snacks were made right in the morning/dawn. That snack was really plain with very slight accent of savoriness and saltiness. Probably the maker only gave few sprinkles for the whole wok/pan.

A Little Story About Glutinous Rice (and me)..

Actually there are lots of traditional Indonesian snack with this main ingredients and lots of them are very tasty. If you want to get cheap deal for this kind of snacks, go to some traditional markets. Usually a portion will be offered below IDR 5k in Yogyakarta. I love eating glutinous rice snack even since I was a kid. Back then my grandmother often took me to a traditional market near my home to get some of these. Nowadays I don’t eat much this kind since if I go to a cafe selling this, it would be quite pricey.

Anyway, I’m going to end my story here (kinda in a rush today). It’s a short article and next time maybe I’ll get on some other glutinous rice based snacks to review. Leave me some words if you have any opinions or recommendations, pay my blog a visit for foodie or gaming updates and reviews, and see you next time!


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