A Girl Adrift : Fishing Around the World

Tap game is one kind of games that is probably suitable for most casual gamers. A Girl Adrift by DAERISOFT is one of the best tap game I’ve ever played. It’s actually an idle game as well but you need to activate the feature after some time of playing. The story is about a girl in post-apocalyptic world and her daily activities is.. fishing. Yep, fishing, you read that right. She travels across the globe to do some fishing and hook in some majestic sea creatures. Let’s just check this game out.

Sailing Across The Sea in A Girl Adrift

You’re starting in Seoul and will be going anywhere. Like, literally anywhere across the world. Note that it’s an post-apocalyptic world and the land has sunk. Leaving only some national landmarks when you reach some big cities / points. In A Girl Adrift, even though I said it’s post-apocalyptic world, the visual is very cute.

a girl adrift

a girl adrift 2

Looks like the dev likes to bring chibi style up. This unnamed girl will sail across the sea to fish tons of legendary fishes and more-like-fantasy fishes.

Like this one..

a girl adrift 3

Hell yeah, if I can find taiyaki that big, I won’t be starving for at least a month, lol.

There’ll be a person in each checkpoints to give you mission(s) and you need to finish it go gain level faster. Each person will usually assign you to get specific fish on specific location. Travelling there will need time (in real life) so it’s better to leave it for a while. Fish the target by continuously tapping on the screen as fast as possible or the reel will be broken. The difficulty depends on your level and the target’s level, if it’s so far apart, it’s guaranteed to fail.

Something About This Game, Though..

Since this game has a very broad map..

a girl adrift 4

.. of course each map will have specific kind of rare fishes or boss fishes. Which is pretty hard to catch if your level is insufficient. Playing this game almost feel like playing RPG game since you’re going to need massive time of grinding for exp. It’s a little bit tough for casual gamers though, since (I think) it’s originally aimed for them.

However, to balance it up, I love how the dev really give ease at getting rare currencies. In this case is pearls and something I don’t really know what it is. You can get it by the alchemist, which is pretty useful if you have tons of this. Buying items and activating useful skills are at your grasps.

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