Gandos : Sweet Savory Light Snack

There’s this one snack I’d like to bring up to surface because I just simply love it since I was a kid. There’s this one seller near not far from where I live. Up to several months ago he was still there but lately I couldn’t find him anywhere near. Probably he moved to someplace and he’s quite hard to recognize. He had no banner, just sitting at the corner of a crossroad selling this amazing snack. I address him as ‘mute man’ (no offense intended to anyone) since he’s barely speaking to customers even when I asked him something, he just answered with amazingly soft, low, and almost-silent voice. That factor aside, this man sold the best gandos I’ve ever had.

How To Make Gandos

I’m no cook or foodie expert but I think I know something about how to make gandos. This snack is basically made of shredded coconut meat, flour, coconut milk, and salt (probably) mixture. The seller then process (not sure if it’s fried/baked or anything) inside a unique shaped pan. After it goes to the pan, you need to wait about 3-5 minutes for it to be perfectly cooked. The seller then gouge it out from the pan to create something like this.


The shape is pretty unique, huh? This one I bought when I was jogging several weeks ago. It’s pretty chewy, seems like the seller used too much flour on this one. The ratio between flour and coconut should be balance or it would create a chewy gandos. Meanwhile, the ‘mute man’ used perfect ration so it’s not like chewing flour. You can still taste the crunchy coconut meat as well.

That Sugar Thing..

Original gandos is savory though but you can add sugar to add sweetness. Just ask the seller to do so. This seller gave me a small plastic bag of sugar which is quite ineffective if I may say. You know, after I brought the snack home, it was getting colder and the sugar won’t melt perfectly. It created strange texture though since I was chewing crunchy sugar. It would be better if he gave it right before he wrapped the snack up. While it’s still hot, the sugar will melt perfectly and create liquid sweetness glazing right at the top.

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