: Rescheduling Blog Posts And Advancing My Blog

Hello everyone, it’s been a week since I fill this new home a post. Last week I was taking about a week off writing to think about some stuffs. Stuffs about this blog at and the others. I was thinking on about gaining new visitors to come to my blog since I’m planning to make it more than a hobby. I was brainstorming and gaining lots of resources I could get online on increasing visitors rate. However some of the advices were changing topics to what’s hot in the world right now. I think I can’ t do that since I’ve already planned on what this blog’s going to be. So I have to take that risk and step on.



Another thing I thought about is rescheduling my What I mean by rescheduling is by giving certain themed posts on specific days. I’m thinking of writing 5 posts a week on week days with 1 post per day (at the moment), Monday to Friday. On those 5 days I’m going to arrange the posts this way :

  • Monday and Wedneday : a foodie review, mainly about entree, main course, or even a full set meal
  • Tuesday and Thursday : a gaming review, mostly still on mobile but there’re possibilities of PC games, as long as I can play it smoothly, but I want to highlight more indie games
  • Friday : special one day for light food, including snacks or dessert, or even something unexpected I could’ve found along the way

So, yeah, that’s my plan right now. I put this marks to give me target as well so I could provide any writing materials for those days and I get to be more discipline to blog.

Oh by the way, by clicking on the image above, you can reach my Instagram account directly (The Food Biter – @bitethefood). There, I’m going to fill in anything I can get to on daily basis (work days) as well unless I’m out of stuffs to share, lol. I’m not going to let that happen, though. I’m going to make a deal out of blogging and I’m sure that somehow this hard work pays off.

Anyway, I’m going to end today’s post here, let me know your opinion by leaving me some words at comment section below and see you next time!




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