Flip Diving : Just Somehow Can’t Stop Playing

Since not every people isn’t hardcore gamers, casual gamers are really popular among individual who has less spare time. A game developer called Miniclip is a great choice when it comes to casual gaming. They already provided some web games (few years back, their flash web games are really some of my favorites). Nowadays they’re making much more advanced game specially for Android platform. One of my favorite is Flip Diving, a casual free diving game.


Being a casual game, Flip Diving is provided with simple game mechanics but intriguing concept at the same time. It’s so simple that you only need one method to play it all along. It’s not the type of game with increasing difficulties but it keeps you playing all time. All you have to do after the game starts is tap-holding the screen to move your character. He’ll do the diving tricks (mostly flip tricks). As you hold your finger on the screen, the character will tuck his body and your next job is release your finger at the right moment so he’ll dive properly and beautifully. Wrong landing will result in bellyflop (landing with belly first), backflop (landing with back first), restart the game all over, and break your graceful diving streak. Plunging while still holding your finger will result in failure as well. That’s all, as simple as that.

Another Thing Why I Simply Love Flip Diving

Before I say anything, I’ll provide some pictures of what Flip Diving looks like in-game

flip diving 1flip diving 2flip diving 3

It’s so fun watching people flip-diving since I’m pretty sure can’t do that myself, lol. Aside from watching my character flipping and plunging, I also love the scenery in Flip DivingMiniclip studio worked really well in creating calming 3D environment and scenery for this game. They provide some environments like lakeside, lighthouse, cargo bay, castle, giant tree, and many more exciting views. These places are provided with each difficulties, characteristics, and plus points (like having extra height for extra flips, having springboard, far distance from the jumping point to water, etc). It’s like eye candies by gazing virtual blue sky, calm lake, and other heartwarming sceneries.

Asides from the sceneries, Flip Diving also offers various characters to pick. Each individual has different jump and flip characteristics. By default, you’ll be using an athlete with average status. You can unlock more characters by doing lucky spin with amount of in-game coins each spins (increasing amount per 2 or 3 spins). This roulette also gives you diving spots and tricks. Upon unlocking every stuffs, you can choose your best player, preferred diving spot that suits your style and needs, also the trick itself (some give high amount of extra money but hard to handle, some are the other way around).

Flip Diving is a great game, once again if I may say. Calming graphics, cool gameplay, and pretty much fun to play. You can download the game here


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