Flick Champions : Doing Sports As You Flick

So I found another fun casual game which is very immersive and interesting. The game’s name is Flick Champions by NAWIA GAMES. I’ve been playing this for quite some time and not planning to stop anytime soon. The game is so simple and you won’t need any training to do so. You can learn to play all the sports by playing the game along. So, come on, let’s check this game out.

Several Sport Options On Flick Champions

In this game you’ll have 9 minigames of sports which have 3 different difficulties in form of cups. Boy, Flick Champions really offers various fun stuffs for the customers. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

flick champions

First two are..

  • Soccer, which is a fixed-position soccer mini game. Flick the ball to the directions you want it to go and the speed depends on the flick speed. There’s no time limit and the main goal is to score goals which are in different amount per difficulties.
  • Basketball. Also a fixed-position basketball round and the goal is to score some points. At higher difficulties, you can block opponent’s shoot by tapping at the right moment and they can do it as well.

flick champions 2

Moving to the next two..

  • Hockey, a 2 player hockey game (versus AI) and the main goal is to score the puck to opponent’s goal. The game mechanic is similar to air hockey where the puck will bounce everywhere and you need to flick it to create high-speed shot.
  • Football. I’m sorry but I’m not really familiar with football/rugby rules so I’ll leave this one with this description only. I played it and had no idea at what I was doing, at all, lol.

flick champions 3

And the next two are..

  • Golf, which is more of a mini golf, not the regular one. The main goal is obvious, finishing the round with less shots than your opponent.
  • Tennis. Now, this is a fun one. It’s similar to the hockey but you can do smash here by tapping the player when the ball almost hit you. This will create momentum and speed for the next hits. You can move the player by swiping it all around the court.

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Now continuing from where I left off..

flick champions 4

  • Archery. Well this is my favorite of all of the mini games. This archery is really based on physics where there’s wind, angle, power, and accuracy. You need to swipe downward to set the shots power and left-right to aim. It’s 3 rounds game with 5 arrows per round and the goal is to score more points.
  • Bowling. A regular bowling with interesting ball shooting mechanics. You’ll need to swipe it downwards to create momentum and swipe up to release the bowling ball. The flick speed affects the ball speed release and power. You can also slightly change the ball’s course midway to the pins.

flick champions 5

And the last one..

  • Baseball. TBH, I haven’t even reached the point that unlocks this mini game. It’s the last mini game to be unlocked that needs bunch of XPs. I’m still 3/4 way to reach the unlocking though, so I can’t really give any review for this one.

Overall, I just simply love this game since it’s easy to play and fun as well. There’s another edition of this cute sports game and I think I’m going to talk about it next Thursday. So are you ready to do the flick sports?

flick champions 6

Oh, when the picture says the game has ‘challenging AI’, it’s so damn true that it almost reach the stage of ‘frustrating AI’, rofl.

OK, I guess I’m done for today, visit my blog for foodie and gaming updates, leave me some comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time.

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