Flick Champions Extreme Sports : Now Getting More ‘Extreme’

As the sequel of the previous game I talked about, I present the extreme ones. The title is similar, Flick Champions Extreme Sports and judging by the title it’s going to get a little ‘extreme’.  If in previous installment you’ll get common competitive sports, here you’ll get daredevil-suitable sports. These ones including flying, falling down, airborne, streams, and lots more. So without further ado, let’s just jump to the game.

What Flick Champions Extreme Sports Has Inside

One of the differences between the last one is Flick Champions Extreme Sports only has 5 mini games. All of them are in the form of sports, extreme sports. I actually has just unlocked 4 of 5 mini games available so it’s not full experiences yet.

First of all..

flick champions extreme sports

  • Surfing, which is more like river-stream free surfing. You can control the surfer by swiping it TO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, so if you want to turn left, swipe right, and vice versa. It might be a little bit confusing at the beginning but sooner or later you’ll get used to it. There’re ramps for jumping and creates momentum and whirlpool that will suck you in and slow you down.

Next is

flick champions extreme sports 2

  • Wingsuit Freefall. In this mini game you’re going free fall with wingsuit and the main goal is not to fall down quickly. The altitude meter is displayed on the upper part of the screen to show your altitude status. You can dash through special marks to lift you higher but beware there’re also obstacles that lower you down if you hit it (without dashing) through.


flick champions extreme sports 3

  • Climbing, or to be exact volcano climbing. Oh boy, I wonder if this kind of sport really exist, climbing volcano. So basically you need to swipe your character up as high as possible. There will be lots of obstacle like magma cracks, moving wall, and falling boulders to knock you down, so be agile.

Then the next one is

flick champions extreme sports 4

  • Paintball which isn’t like common paintball skirmish. It’s your character versus infinite enemies. You’ll need to dodge their bullets, take cover from fire and shoot ’em down while swiping forward. This is my favorite one so far but it’s kinda frustrating since sometimes the enemies’ movement is unexpectedly unpredictable.

Last but not least is

flick champions extreme sports

  • Parkour, well, this is the last one that I haven’t been playing. I get a hint that it might become my other favorite minigame but I think I must work really hard to unlock it.

Power Ups And Missions To Complete

Here in Flick Champions Extreme Sports, you’ll have missions to completely clear a stage. Each mission is marked by a star and if you clear a stage complete, you’ll earn 3. I’m a little bit uneasy if somehow I failed to achieve 3 stars therefore I’m taking a pretty long to clear the entire game, lol.

flick champions extreme sports 6

Also there are some power ups in this game that could help you clear the game easily. But somehow, not really. Even with the help of power ups, it’s still pretty hard to clear the game. This power ups can be obtained via roulette with 250 in game money or some daily free spins. The power ups roulette is different per mini games so make sure to know what sport you need the power ups most.

OK, I guess I need to end my review here since I gotta things to do after this. Visit my blog for foodie and gaming updates, leave me some comments down below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time.

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