Bakso Cak Karno : Favorite Meatball Since I Was A Kid

As I have stated in few of my posts, I’m not really a soup dish guy. I’d prefer sauce more than broth actually but there’s this one favorite place I like since I was a kid. It’s called Bakso Cak Karno and located approximately 500m from my home. Bakso is meatball in English (commonly translated) and commonly meatball comes in the form of boiling hot soup. The restaurant is so simple and standard actually but they offers great quality to customers. It’s not a fancy one with AC or anything, instead they have spacious open space room and originality. Located at the main road of Jl. MT. Haryono No. 68, this restaurant has been in business since I can remember. The banner said it’s bakso Malang (Malang meatball) but I think the style has been adjusted to Yogyakarta style.

Closer Look At Bakso Cak Karno

What they offer here is nothing fancy, really. They offer 2 kind of meatball soups, the first being bakso komplit (complete [set] of meatball) and bakso kuah (meatball w/ broth). Duh, I cannot really translate the menu well so I’ll stick to the original an local name though.

bakso cak karno

This is what I had yesterday, I was craving for a bowl of meatball and I did go for one. This is the bakso komplitIn short, this bowl has everything in it like noodle, original meatball, (my favorite) tendon meatball, and (my other favorite) deep fried dumpling. As for the dumpling you can get extra pieces for IDR 2k per piece. The noodle was just perfect, not too soggy like what you get commonly. Might be close to pasta’s al dente. You’ll get 1 original meatball which is pretty smooth and a little bit chewy. The other 2 were tendon meatballs which had unique rough texture. o worry though, it’s still tender and not chewy at all. In fact the texture was perfect and you might get a few pieces or cartilage inside the tendon balls.

As for the soup/broth itself, Bakso Cak Karno really has original taste. The broth was very slightly salty with onion-y flavor and very soothing. For me, I can spot a good broth is when I still get the original taste even after I put extra flavor enhancer like soy sauce, ketchup, or anything. This one is a great deal. Another thing is the deep fried dumplings. It was very crunchy with thick wrapper. Deep at the bottom there was a soft and delicious dried meatball as the filling. I just can’t resist this fried dumpling.

About Bakso Kuah

Bakso kuah is the other menu and it has only meatballs. No noodle, no dumplings. If you’d like to have more meatballs you might want to choose this one. I think it consists of 3 tendon meatballs and 2 original meatballs with the same broth. The price was the same for both menu which was at IDR 13k per bowl. With such taste and quality I think it’s more than worthy options for a bowl of hot soup.

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