Fatal Fight : Two Fingers And Timing Needed

This is a review about a game I’ve played quite some time called Fatal Fight by Itech Media Solution. Despite the name ‘fight’, it’s not really a fighting game. Well, not a 1 v 1 fighting game. It’s more like 1 vs all deathmatch since it could be pretty close to endless if you’re really great at it. Like the title said, all you need to do the action is two fingers and great sense of timing. It’s an amazing and immersive game if I may say even though it’s a monotonous type of action game. Let’s check it out further.

Environment And Appearance

In Fatal Fight, you’re taking place in old chinese or japanese culture and place. It involves traditional buildings, environments, sceneries, and characters. Here you have to deal with some ninjas and samurais. You main goal is to survive the enemy barrage and finish the stage (in campaign) or survive (in arena). There are tons of character customization including headgears and armors so you can create your own style for the monk character. I somewhat love the graphic style especially the backgrounds used for its stages. It looks so beautiful and peaceful just by looking at them.

fatal fight 1

fatal fight 2

Fatal Fight Basic Gameplay

Fatal Fight offered me the first experience with this kind of game mechanics. Your character will be at the center of the screen and near him are range bars. This indicates your valid striking distance so if the enemies are inside the bars you’re on to striking them. The tricky part is, to gain perfect 3 stars you need to make a streak/combo with (almost) no fail/miss strikes. That’s when your 2 thumbs and mind coordination plays along. Too make it easier, the developers made colors indicator for both left and right side incoming enemies. Left with orange and right with blue. Below each enemies is colored bar(s) either orange or blue. If it’s orange, hit left side of screen to attack and hit right for blue. Some enemies have multiple bars and you need to hit corresponding sides sequentially from top to bottom bars. If you kill enemies carrying weapons, you can take theirs and use it to your advantages.

fatal fight 3

Also A Minigame And Skills

There is one type of enemy that could be assumed as mini boss. It’s a samurai with Chinese farmer hat on. To beat him you need to do a minigame. It’s like matching the beat either to attack left or right. You can follow the beat or if you’re confident with your ultimate eyes-fingers coordination, you can blast a combo and end it faster. Sometimes if you hit the right combo, your hero can unleashed powerful stunts as well. You also have several skills for your advantages like shild that give one protection (need cooldown to re-active again), throwing ninja stars, and some more.

So far I like the experience given by the developers through Fatal Fight. The casual and minimalist concept is unleashed in an interesting manner and gameplay, not forgetting the graphic as well. If I have one criticism is that the coins are little bit hard to get so to customize your character you need to work really hard by playing tons of stages.

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