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My God, lately, I’ve tried a lot hotplate rice in Yogyakarta, including this one. But, no regret, everything just taste amazing, IMO. Now, there’s this one called Pothz Burger. I wasn’t really aware of this place before my friend told me about it as a place for our next hangout. It’s located near Mrican, which at Jl. STM Pembangunan to be exact. I think that’s why, I don’t really go that way much, so I’m not really aware of anything around there. 🙁

However, the place is quite small with only about 5 or 6 tables in it. It’s also located on the terrace of a boarding house. The restaurant banner was partially covered by leaves, so make sure to search thoroughly if you want to pay this place a visit. I think it’s still freshly open, probably in under a year (but I’m not really sure) since they’re still giving 20% price-off which was probably for promotion time.

Pothz Burger sells several type of food including hotplate rice, Italian-style pizza, and burger. Anyway, this is what I ordered that time

pothz burger 1

Pork Hotplate Rice
(duh.. It has a unique name for this menu but I forget.. It’s the complete package of hotplate rice without extra topping BTW)

Despite the name ‘burger’, I didn’t really aim at their burger since I think it wouldn’t satisfy my hunger, but during the time there, I saw one of the waiter brought a set of burger buns, which are BIG, way bigger than the usual ones. However, I’m aiming for the cheese instead (I love cheese!).

The Cheese at Pothz Burger

This hotplate had a dang portion of cheese!  With mozzarella scattered all over the grilled pork, and a slice of cheddar at the top, this would never go wrong for any cheese lovers. I tried to mix the cheddar with the rice because it’s so tempting to did so, and I created a very tasty rice mixture with it. 😀 Taking the rice aside, I also mixed the mozz with the pork so it formed a gooey-sticky-thick-looking pork and cheese mixture which tasted heavenly, having 2 of my favorite food mixed together. As usual, I left the egg for the finisher.

Pothz Burger Signature Sauce

Speaking of the taste, the sauce was salty, not overly salty and more to the bland side, more to the subtle taste. It was not as strong as the sauce of other hotplate rice I’ve ever tasted, so that’s kind of a room for improvement. Besides, they only provided basic additional ingredients like powdered chili, and shoyu to add some flavor. The top point was the cheese which has extraordinary amount. The pork was also perfectly cooked, not overcooked, but slightly chewy and flavorful. Pork and rice ratio was perfectly balance.

For a small-startup business, Pothz Burger have such high customers flow. With that taste, and reasonable price, I have no doubt that they’ll be a great restaurant in the future. Some improvements could be done but overall it was an amazing foodie experience. Anyway, before I finish this blog..

pothz burger 2

this is the pork-mozz mixture I talked about earlier

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