Ego And The Jockey : Left 4 Dead Based Life

It’s been a while since I posted something about life. Today I’ll take my portion of gaming to talk about life and a little bit of video game. It’s left 4 dead but I won’t mainly talk about the game instead it’s about slice of life. My life actually and it’s based on experience and personal thought. I just thought about it today as I prepared my breakfast so, yeah, it’s kinda impulsive thinking. For today, I won’t pay too much attention to SEO, though. Today’s post isn’t going to be long, so I’ll get straight to the main point.

Ego Can Be Very Dangerous

If you can’t handle ego properly yet, it could be very dangerous. It could jeopardize your life without you knowing it because all you do is following it. It might sound too exaggerated but I somehow sense it to be true. I’ve experienced with this kind of thing and I’m little by little realize something. I’m somehow not ready to follow and fulfill my ego, yet. YET! I might not have anything yet but if I put my ego aside, I’m able to gain something later to fulfill it. Like people said, it’s like a bow and arrow. An arrow couldn’t pierce anything without the bow back draw. I might to step back few steps to give a boost to achieve what I really desire.

About Left 4 Dead Thing..

For some of you who are familiar with the game or at least have ever played L4D, there’re several special kinds of zombies there. One is called The Jockey. His style is attacking the players by riding on them and drag them to dangers, any kinds. He’s pretty similar to ego, how he ‘attacks’ people by making them follow their ‘rules’. If they’re not strong enough, dangers might be the last thing they see.

The Jockey

There’s still a slight difference though between these two. In game you can’t shake off the jockey by yourself, instead you need someone to get it off of you. In life you have full control of yourself even though it’s not that easy. You’ll be convinced you’re okay meanwhile you’re probably not. Meanwhile after a long while, BAM!, you can unwind time you’ve spent to chase that ego. So, yeah, the situation can be a little bit tricky.

If you still follow your ego and not resulting in anything, you might want to take time to stop and think. You don’t necessarily stop what you’re doing though, just go to a different POV. Probably you need a skill set that you don’t have it ATM and while you’re doing life, go get that skill set. I’m pretty sure that’s a proper way to face the obstacle. Ok so I think that’s for now, leave me some comments to know what opinion you have, follow my IG @bitethefood, visit this blog daily for routine foodie and gaming updates (or life sometimes), stay positive, think clear, and see you next time!


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