Eggballs : New Snack Discovered!

Few months ago I tried to do some morning jogging during weekend and I found something interesting because of it. On Sunday at southern city square where I do jogging, there’re bunch of snack hawkers. One of the hawkers has bola-bola telur sign shown at her cart. You can literally translate it to English as eggballs. It’s considered a heavy snack even though it doesn’t look like so. I’ve never seen anything like that before, at least in this city as far as I travel.

Cooking Process

Back at that day I saw how the seller made eggballs nearly from scratch. Well, actually she has prepared the raw mixture which consisted of beaten raw eggs with some handful of vegetables. She used veggies like sliced green onion, sliced cabbages, and tons of them, no kidding. So per ball I really tasted the crunchiness of the sliced veggies. Actually the cooking process was similar to martabak (which is quite popular in Indonesia/Malaysia) filling except this snack didn’t use any wrappers.  The frying pan used to cook this stomach-filling snack is similar to takoyaki (probably little bit smaller per pieces). Safe to say the cooking process is also similar to Japanese takoyaki which means it could be considered Indonesian takoyaki (no copyright infringement intended), lol.

Visual Presentation Of Eggballs



eggballs 2


Those eggballs came in skewers which had 3 pieces per skewer. I think she made it that way to make it easier to eat as it’s always supposed to be for takeaway. When I came that day there’s one skewer left but she intended to make new sets for me. Thank you, generous hawker! So when I received my order, they were still piping hot since they’ve just come off of the pan.

You’ll be asked whether you want to have some spicy sauce or not but I’m not really a fan of that sauce. It was too watery with bland taste, not even that spicy. If she had proper spicy sauce, I think the snack could be escalated  even more. You could also use ketchup or soy sauce to complement this snack though.

Actually, Sunday morning is the time and southern city square is the place to get bunch of snacks so I think I’ll rely on that for a while. While I’m moving my body up to do some workout, I can get more snacks to chew as well. Two birds, one stone, heh.. Anyway, I’m going to end my review of this eggballs right here, leave me some comments at comment section bellow, follow my Instagram account @bitethefood, visit my blog daily for daily update on gaming or foodie, and see you next time.




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