Dapur Roa (2) : Local Manado Cuisine

So I’m back with the second part of this Dapur Roa. If you’re going to find more details about this place, just visit my first part of review here. I’m going to give a short overview about this place. This is a local Manadonese restaurant near where I live and they also serve Chinese food as well. I’ve provided the map at my previous post so I think I’m not going to give one here. Despite being here for my second time already, today I’m going to talk about the food, mostly.

My Second Time Coming To Dapur Roa

That time I went there with my friends hence we’re able to order 2 different dishes to try on. First, I got this one

dapur roa

I actually wanted this when I first time came to Dapur Roa but that’s after I had my meal. So I kept it for my next visit and BAM!, I ordered it. I don’t exactly remember the dish name (sorry) but it’s squids cooked with squid ink spices. Those squids had unique flavor though since they were salty, savory, and little bit spicy. The squid ink really put distinct flavor in your palate. Actually the squids used were some baby squids since they appeared smaller than common squids I’ve ever seen. This menu also came with a fried tofu and balado eggplant. Balado is a cooking style/recipe which usually have medium level of spiciness and slight sweetness. It’s very popular in Indonesia and is probably originally initiated by Manadonese people.

Another Dish At Dapur Roa

And this is what my friend ordered..

dapur roa 2

I believe this dish was a signature dish from Manado and is called ayam tinorangsak (tinorangsak chicken). I gathered info from my friend who is from Manado, he said that the chicken is supposed to be grilled first before coated. The saltiness was dominant with the spice and it had medium-high level of spiciness which directly ‘pierce’ my throat during swallowing. If you like strong flavor or spices, you might want to check this dish out.

Apparently visiting twice isn’t enough, yet! I’m planning to come back again in near future to try on another signature dishes. I can only try one or two at one time due to budget limitation though, lol. I think that’s for today, visit this blog daily for routine foodie and gaming update, leave me comments at the comment section below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!




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