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So there’s a new coffee bar in town. My friends are the ones behind this new startup business. Through my little blog, I think I can spread some words about this new hangout place. Name is Couvee  and it takes place in Jl. Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. Map would be provided near at the end of this post so don’t worry, I’ll give the exact direction. This might be a new place being managed but in there is unexpectedly cozy more over if you bring some friends to chat with. So, here we go..

Coffee And Non-Coffee At Couvee

LOL, that title I just made out of nowhere just crack me up. By the way, I’m not a coffee drinker but my friends were. Since I came with some buddies, I got to taste a sip of what they ordered. So basically we had three different types of drink at that time.

First time being this one..


As the label said on that (plastic) glass : ‘DARK’ this one was a dark chocolate. That was a great piece of dark chocolate with great ratio of sweet and bitterness. It was like 85% bitter with slight hint of sweetness therefore it’s not entirely pitch bitter. As an ordinary man which even rarely drinks anything like this, I like this drink though. I like the perfect ratio but I believe I can’t gulp an entire glass like this (that was my friend’s).

The second one was..

couvee 2

The label said ‘NEC’ which short form of necta. I’m not following anything from coffee universe or anything about coffee shop but I read the details of this drink there. So it was a mixture of several components which were longan honey, fresh milk, ristretto, and light creamer. I believe ristretto is a type of espresso shot. This was obviously my friend’s order since I didn’t drink coffee. So necta had unique taste due to its honey and coffee itself. It’s still the coffee who took the dominant place but the subtle taste of honey is inevitable. It was like a light coffee if I may say. Its unique taste could be the main point of interest as one of Couvee‘s signatures.

Now The Stuff For Me..

As soon as my friend showed me the menu, I looked at the non-coffee part. There’s one thing called Red Velvet Cheese. My first thought that it’s a cake or something but apparently it wasn’t. I was craving for that one and of course I was getting it at Couvee.

couvee 3

I didn’t have any idea how they presented red velvet into a drink but there it was. That pinkish purple drink was my RVC (red velvet cheese) but I didn’t expect it to be that cute. Since it wasn’t a coffee beverage, I expected it to be milky sweet and it really was. Despite being sweet, it wasn’t overly sweet but like dampened sweet with medium strong cheese flavor. I guess this will be quite popular among people who loves sweet beverage/dessert. I recommend this one and it truly didn’t disappoint me.

Alright, I guess that’s for now, I’m gonna end this post here. Don’t forget to visit my blog for daily foodie and gaming updates, leave me comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time.

The place might not be spacious yet but to cope with that, they provides soothing atmosphere for hanging out.




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*Sorry, get to promote everything, but, yeah, my effort on living my dream may be starting from the very bottom*

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