Cobe The Gallery : Brain Twisting Puzzle Game

Have you ever played a game so annoying and frustrating yet you can’t just stop easily? I found the one like that though even it’s mere coincidence. The game is called Cobe The Gallery and Simbite is the developer behind this project. I don’t usually deny puzzle game but this game is definitely a level up for me. Despite having very minimalist design, this game has attracted my attention more than I usually give to a puzzle game. This might be one of the hardest puzzle game I’ve ever faced in my life either I’m very bad at this or the game is just a troll. Let’s check this one out further.

Flat Design And Simple Gameplay Of Cobe The Gallery

cobe the gallery

Cobe The Gallery have pretty simple design even though it’s designed to make any gamers twist their brain a little bit. When I stated minimalist, it really does have minimalist vector art with squares graphics. Squares are the only thing you need to play this game.

cobe the gallery 2

cobe the gallery 3

I think the pictures above has described your main task in playing this game, huh? Basically you’ll be presented with a board of colored squares/tiles. The board is scrambled and you need to make it entirely in one color by transforming a color with another neighboring color. I hope it doesn’t sound confusing though because the game itself is pretty confusing, lol. So if you have green square adjacent with brown square, you can change brown with green by swiping green into brown. This works vice versa and you need to transform all squares. If it’s a block of color, color transformation will apply to most color depends on your swiping directions and the block’s shape. Your real challenge is you need to solve the puzzle with limited moves.

Heartwarming Music In Cobe The Gallery

Another thing I should highlight from this game is its soothing and heartwarming musics. Sure you don’t want any black metal musics to accompany you playing this puzzle game obviously. The music is so calm and smooth even you can use them as lullaby if you want to. For me I think these songs help me calm my soul whenever I face some unsolved puzzles in Cobe The Gallery, lol.

cobe the gallery 4

The difficulty might be crazy at some points so embrace yourself and keep playing.

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