Cireng : Local Snack With Bandung Origin

It’s been a while for me to write on this blog again since I was taking a short break. Usually on Monday like this I write about food (I mean like a full course) but today I’m going for the snacks instead. I stash to many snacks in my future-plan blogging post so I’m going for one this time. It’s called cireng which originally comes from Bandung, West Java. Well, I bought it in Yogyakarta but seems like the hawker there was from West Java (judging from the accent). He’s got pretty obvious Sundanese accent.

So What Is Cireng Actually?

Well as far as I know, the name is shortened from aci (flour) and digoreng (fried) and voila, here it is. Cireng is a flour based snack and then deep fried before served with various kinds of spices/powder flavor. I’ve tried 2 kinds of chewy snack before, one with fillings and one with no filling. This time I’m going to talk about the second one.


That snack was chewy, like moderate chewy. My jaw was pretty exhausted after all that chewing. On the other hand, I love the powder seasoning though. It’s salty and savory but mostly on the salty side. Since it has no filling, the flavors really depends on the powder seasonings and it can be different per hawkers. That hawker I bought this cireng from, has only one type. I’m curious on how this snack really taste like in West Java since I could get the authentic style there. Definitely putting that on my list in case I’ll be visiting West Java (or Bandung specifically) in the future.

And For Closure..

I bought that at the town square during midday and while I was out for lunch as well. Usually I’m not really into this kind of snack but I couldn’t resist at that time. You can get for how much you want it and that was IDR 5k. Turned out that IDR 5k of cireng was too much for me and I should’ve bought less.

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