Welcome Note From My New Home!

Hello, everyone! Greetings! Finally, I made it to my new home. I’ve talked about how I wanted to have a new and personal website (still) under WordPress, but at least I’m not in their dorm anymore. I’ve been thinking on Read Complete Story..

Skill You Must Own in Life (1) : Anger Management

First thing first, before I talk about content, I’m gonna say that this article won’t be a long, or even medium one. I’ll try to pack my core into a pretty short passage but you can extract a lot of Read Complete Story..

Chinese New Year Euphoria : Lantern Festival

Few weeks ago was Chinese New Year, so congratulations to everyone celebrating it. Gong xi, gong xi.. 😀 In Yogyakarta, the euphoria was also strong in Chinese New Year, especially for the Lantern Festival or usually called Cap Go Meh. Read Complete Story..