Burger AX : Newest One I know

Truth is, I love burger but I just don’t eat tons. First is because the price is kind of sky-rocketing in my town. Second is I found only few names of stores with amazing burgers. The last one I tried is this Burger AX but I did delivery therefore I didn’t really know what the store looked like. It’s located at the heart of the city so I’m pretty sure it’s still reachable from any places. Without further ado, let’s just dip into the food.

What Burger AX offers..

Well, I didn’t see the actual menu but I ordered this with delivery app. Through this app I can somewhat see everything they put on the menu. Anyway, Burger AX has a range of casual burger eater to fanatic lover, lol, as they serve one burger which is like a giant portion. I was only taste-testing the menu so I choose the simplest burger possible called burger ax with extra mozzarella cheese. I love cheese! :9 As expected, the burger was pretty small but I’m not surprised. It’s only IDR 12k but I had what I need, though.

This is what I had..

burger ax

Close up view?

burger ax

Well…….. The presentation is not as I expected after seeing the in-app picture. Probably since it’s a takeaway and has been experiencing shaking and etc etc, lol. Nevertheless, it didn’t change the taste anyway, so it didn’t matter actually.

Now let’s talk about the taste. Starting from the outer part, the bun. It was absolutely delicious. The bun was crispy, thin, and light. Too bad it wasn’t as intact as the picture told, if so, I think that’s even more beautiful. The patty is amazing, savory and quite tender. It wasn’t really juicy but mid-dry instead. Also if they can put some veggies inside, says like tomatoes, onions, or something else, that would be even more stunning.  Overall, taste-wise, I love it.

To Sum Up Everything..

I don’t know how long Burger AX has been opened up for business but if it’s still new, they still got some places for improvement. Adding more veggies is one of them. Also also, if they could present beautiful burgers even for takeaway (still intact even for long deliveries), I believe people will love it even more.

Oh, and I’ll surely come back to try their most recommended burger, for sure. 🙂

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