Brongkos (Warung Ijo Mbak Prih) : Escalated Old School Food

My appetite to Indonesian traditional food would never cease to exist more over if someone offered me full-of-spice meal. Take brongkos for example. As far as I know, this cuisine isn’t originally from Yogyakarta but from West Java instead. To be honest when I was a kid, I didn’t really like eating brongkos because of many reasons. Now that I’m a grown up, I can enjoy more types of food including this one. It’s a kind of soup but with special looking broth.

Simple Clues for Making Brongkos

If you want to make brongkos you’re gonna need quite a bunch of spices and ingredients. Ingredients like ginger, shallots, garlics, tangerine, kluwak (main ingredients for the soup), red beans or tolo nuts, a little bit of coconut milk and others are mandatory. Mostly this dishes is served with diced beef, potato, deep-soaked fried tofu, and boiled duck/chicken eggs. Having that kind of various spices and ingredients, brongkos has very dark broth with cloudy visual. It’s not clear at all and taste more to savory side with interesting flavor of combined spices.

What I Had at Brongkos Warung Ijo

So few days ago my dad took me to a restaurant serving brongkos and it’s pretty early probably at 7 AM. The restaurant is called Warung Ijo Mbak Prih which is located at Jl. Magelang Km. 17 and it’s pretty far north from the heart of Yogyakarta. Place was quite big, mostly painted with green and can accommodate lots of people or even groups of people. If you choose the right table you’ll get scenery of open nature and hills.

This is what I had there

brongkos 1

As you can see, the nuance is very dark but the taste isn’t that ‘dark’ though. Taste was unique if I may say since I can get that taste from any other food. As I stated above, most flavor is savory and you’ll have aftertaste left at your throat and I believe that’s from the kluwakFor that menu I only ate plain brongkos with no other side dishes. By default you’ll get bunch of rise and blocks of meat and fat. The composition between meat and fat was well-balanced, approximately 20% fat and meat for the rest. Meat was pretty dense and full of fiber so some of you might need toothpick afterwards, haha.

Other Stuffs At Brongkos Warung Ijo

When you first come to the cashier to order, you’ll get a lot of side dishes to choose from opor ayamfried chickenfried eggs, intestines, oseng-osengvarious of veggies cuisines, even kerupuk. After you’re done ordering and approaching any table, on the table have been served various of kerupuk and bottled soda as well. Even when you’re done having feast, you can still pick up some crackers or snacks for takeaway. Boy, this restaurant really don’t want to miss a chance at offering something. It’s said that this restaurant is pretty popular and a lot of professional foodie reviewers or TV personalities had done lot of reports here.

Brongkos Warung Ijo‘s cuisines might considered more pricey than common similar restaurants but they sure know what they’re doing by offering great meal. I recommend this restaurant for anyone, especially tourists or foreigners, who’s willing to get experience of lots of Indonesia traditional cuisines.

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