Bowling Fruit Bar : Great Aid For Hot Days

Having spare idea of destination like Bowling Fruit Bar (actually written ‘Bowl-Ling’ but I’m gonna shorten it) is a great thing especially during hot days. In Indonesia (in Yogyakarta, for example) during dry season, things can get pretty hot, literally. You can go anywhere and it will still be hot as heck unless you’ve got AC all around. In case you’ve got nowhere to go, you can still use this reference as your next pin point. A bowl of fresh cold sweet fruity soup will never get old.

Heaven On Earth In A Bowl

Origially, Bowling Fruit Bar offers bowls of cold fruit soup. Back to few years ago they only served this one and only menu but nowadays they’ve expanded their products. You can get lots of snacks as well and mostly in western style. When I hit this place I always order fruit soup so I’m really sorry that I can’t give you references on the snack. I’ve been here quite a few times but only the last time that I decided to do a review about this place. Let’s take a look at what I snapped that day..

bowling fruit bar 1

In fact, this is a picture of what I ordered but after couple of gulps done. I planned to take a picture at the very moment it arrived but I think I was just too thirsty. That was the mango juice based fruit soup. You could totally taste the mango flavor since it had pretty strong flavor in it. So I dare to say that the soup wouldn’t be bland for any varieties. Well I’ve tried the nutella based before and I think that wasn’t as strong as the mango one but you can definitely taste the nutellaBowling Fruit Bar also offers some other bases for the soup like watermelon, bubble gum flavor, durian (oooh I love that one), nutella, chocolate, soda, and many more options. You might want to try them out.

So, What’s Inside A Bowl Of This Cold Dessert?

Basically for every fruit soup in Bowling Fruit Bar, the inside is the same. Fruits and several pieces of colorful jellies. I think they design the menu to be colorful and that works! Inside, you will find several types of fruits like strawberries, grapes, slices of kiwi, diced watermelons, apples, and honeydews. You might want to eat the fruits rather quickly since if you leave them too long, it will get soggy. Some people might like that texture but not for me. I don’t like sweet food though but when outside is like hell and you’re craving for something cold desserts to cool you off, I can’t reject this option.

Despite being so sweet (flavor!), I believe this dessert is pretty healthy since it contains bunch of fruits. Some people don’t like eating fruits but this dessert might resurrect their appetite for food. It’s still too sweet though, I don’t really recommend eating too much sweets in any forms. Anyway, I’m gonna call it a day now, pay my blog daily visits for routine update on culinary and gaming, leave me some words at comment section bellow, follow my Instagram account @bitethefoodand see you next time.



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