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Finally, it’s time for me to talk about this game called A Blind Legend by DOWINO. I actually already planned to review this game for couple of months ago but I didn’t have earphones/headphones. This game really needs a great pair of hearing gadget and I’ll tell you the reason later. Truth is, the game has unique concept and it’s the first time I find game like this. There’s something new and special about that word ‘blind’

What Is A Blind Legend?

Fact is, my earphone didn’t work perfectly therefore making game experience a little bit lower. I haven’t played the game again and I’m planning to buy a new piece to continue playing A Blind Legend. I’ve played far enough story to experience the inside game mechanics and I just love it. So in this game you’re filling in the shoes of a blind knight named Edward Blake. Yes, blind. You’ll be guided by Louise, your daughter to embark on a journey as a brave and skillful knight. This is where the game gets interesting. Since you’re ‘blind’, Louise will guide you with sound only so you can progress with the story. She’ll tell you what to do and where to go. That’s why you need a great hearing gadget, to clearly identify your surrounding and instructions. Your phone screen will only show black screen (with cloudy themes) except during introduction, title screen, and production house name.

A Blind Legend Point of Interest

a blind legend 1

This one is A Blind Legend‘s cover art and I’m amazed at the drawing style though. This is, I think, the only I image I can share since all of the game screen is black. In this game you can try to replace your eyes with ears and visual with sounds. Louise gives you very clear instructions and in crystal clear sound. The surrounding environment is designed very clear as well since you can hear birds chirping, wind and breeze blowing, waterfall sounds, and any other nature elements. Louise directions is very important since she can be behind you and her sound will sound like it’s coming behind you. Such a beautiful effect.

Controls In A Blind Legend

To control Edward in A Blind Legend, you need to swipe various gestures to move him necessarily. There are 2 modes in controlling Edward, free mode and battle mode. In free mode there’s an important feature to progress throughout the story. You need to tap the screen once to check Louise’s position and tell you where to go. Swipe right or left to turn and swipe up to make Edward run or walk to reach the destination. At battle mode, you will automatically sheathe your sword and shield and engage a battle. The most 2 important things at battle is knowing your enemies’ position and timing. Your swiping gestures depend on those position. If it’s in front of you, swipe upward, if it’s on your right, swipe right, and vice versa. Pinch the screen to bring up your screen to block attacks. The only moment for you to attack is when the enemies’ attacks almost hit you, other than that you’re gonna miss or be attacked. In short, listen very carefully for the right moment to come.

A Blind Legend gives opportunity for people out there with disability, especially blindness. This game lets them enjoy entertainment by breaking the brick wall of limit. My respect to DOWINO as the game developer. However normal people without no disabilities also able to enjoy the game and gain experience with losing one sense but empower the others.

BTW, you can download the game here :

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