Berkah Dalem : Hidden Piggy Restaurant In Town

About last month or so, my friend asked me to go on a culinary hangout. Our destination is a homey restaurant that serves pork as its main signature. To be honest I don’t know about this restaurant before therefore I’m really eager to get my first experience there. The place’s name is Berkah Dalem which is a phrase from Javanese language. It’s commonly used in Javanese-based Catholic mass and roughly means ‘God bless you’ or ‘God be with you’. Some kind of greeting actually but in this case, it’s the restaurant’s label. The place is ridiculously close to my high school but I never realized it.

Honey Grilled-Pork at Berkah Dalem

The new thing I saw that I’ve never seen in any similar restaurant is the honey grilled-pork. Other restaurants usually have grilled pork but with honey is a not yet. So it’s averagely in IDR 15k to 18k per portion without rice and I think it’s still a reasonable price. So here it is..

berkah dalem


berkah dalem 2

Those were two sets of honey grilled-pork my friend and I ordered. That was awesome though and a little bit different than any grilled pork I’ve tried. The sweetness from the honey creates unique flavor to the entire dish and different than the ones using sweet soy sauce. While sweet soy sauce is kind of giving slight bitterness aftertaste, this one gives more like candy-sweet aftertaste. Maybe if the cook put more honey to it, the dish would be awesome.

berkah dalem 3

And that portion of honey grilled-beef at Berkah Dalem came with a small bowl of soup. It had really strong of pork broth and I love it, haha. It’s mostly savory and the sliced green onions gave extra crunch and enjoyable flavors.

Another Thing We Had There..

My other friends there had pork rica-rica which is another style of cooking but more to traditional style, I think.

berkah dalem 4

The visual is totally different than what I had though since it’s more yellow in color. The traditional spices made it up that way especially the turmerics. Rica-rica is heavily based on turmerics and has really strong taste of it. To say more, this pack of pork rica-rica was salty, not overly but too salty than any similar dishes I’ve tried. Overall it’s a great dish moreover you can balance the saltiness with rice. The spiciness.. in scale of 0 to 10, it was a 3 and still acceptable to hot food ‘intolerant’ like me 😀

And To Conclude Everything..

This place called Berkah Dalem might not be a fancy restaurant, instead it’s a small one with few seats on the spot. On the other hand they serve really enjoyable pork, especially the honey grilled-beef (that’s what I want to highlight this time).

Moreover, I did spend some great time with my old friends which we rarely go for hangout again lately. It was a nice and fun moment of togetherness. A dining once in a while with old friends is always great :thumbsup:

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