Ayam Sorii : Home Cooking Fried Chicken Startup

Lately I learned that friends of friends were starting a startup business in culinary called Ayam Sorii. It turns out that this business has been on the way for about 1 year and I wasn’t aware of it. I wouldn’t know about it either if my friends didn’t tell me beforehand. So yeah, apparently I’m quite unaware of my surrounding. The name of that business is a pun to ‘I am sorry’ which can be read in Bahasa Indonesia likewise. I don’t know deeper story behind that name as well.

What They Offer At Ayam Sorii

Their main focal point at Ayam Sorii is of course the chicken, fried chicken. Their fried chickens come in 2 forms, original fried chicken with batter and chicken katsu. FYI, chicken katsu is japanese style breaded fried chicken cutlet and served with no bone/fillet. With their own signature fried chicken, they also offer what sauce to have with your chicken like spicycheesesoy garlic, geprek (not exactly a sauce but served as mashed chicken with garlic, chilies, and salt), and of course the original one. Besides their signature dish, they also have some side menu or snacks as appetizers.

Now, What We Got..

Back then at Ayam Sorii, my friends and I were trying 3 different sauces for fried chicken.

ayam sorii 3

Cheese (what I ordered)

ayam sorii 1

Soy Garlic

ayam sorii 2

(sorry, blurry pict, hands were a bit trembling)

So let’s talk about these 3 in a little bit detailed manner. Mine was served with cheese sauce and I think it was a little bit different than my expectation. I thought the sauce will be thick but instead it’s more into cheese broth. Taste wasn’t poor actually, it was salty with slight cheesy flavor. Probably just give more portion of sauce next time :D. Also if they can make it thicker, that would give lift up to that menu, I think. Other way is they can coat the battered chicken with cheese sauce not just pouring on top. This is my honest opinion as a customer though.

Next is the soy garlic sauce which upon asking is mixture of soy sauce, garlic, and various of spices. I’m not a culinary expert and I taste only what reaches my tongue. This was the best out of 3 dishes that day, my standard. I believe they used blackpepper and/or teriyaki sauce as well as mixture. It’s subtly sweet and full of spices which produced great final flavor.

The other one is coated with spicy sauce which is a specially made sambal / chili paste. The chili paste was more to sweet side even though it wasn’t overly sweet. Too bad I don’t eat spicy food because that spicy sauce was remarkably good though. I only tasted a very small scoop and could feel the instant light burn on my tongue. Sweetness balance was good compared to the spiciness.

There was one thing that I think can be considered as a drawback. That time I received an undercooked chicken. It’s not raw but just slightly undercooked which is probably caused by not-hot-enough oil temperature or they rinsed the chicken too early. Another thing is they’re lacking some garnishes. If they can beautify their plating and presentation, that would boost the deal even more. I think if they can make it more perfect with some simple additional touches, this business can have great prospect in the future.

What’s The Deal With Behind The Curtain

The owner said that they made Ayam Sorii as a place to get rid of ‘digital autism’ hence they provide some playing cards and board games. They aim people to interact with each other by playing games together and moving away from mobile screen for a while. IMO, that’s  great concept though. To be honest, I’ve never known some of the games before and turned out to be interesting and addicting games. However, right now they’re focusing more in handling online orders via courier and hopefully in the future people are willing to come and dine on the spot.

But if you’re craving to visit the place and try their board games, here’s the map.

Complete info check their Instagram account out at @ayam_sorii

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