Ayam Sorii (2) : Chicken Katsu!

Today’s post’s going to be a sequel to the previous post of the same place, Ayam Sorii. If you miss the first post, you can always check it here. At that time I reviewed their main dish, fried chicken, which is varied with various sauces. The location is inside the post so check it out. I think today’s post won’t be a long one either even it might not fulfill the good SEO 300 words requirement. But let’s check it out later.

That Chicken Katsu At Ayam Sorii..

Few weeks ago I visited that place again and the generous owners offered me (and my friends) chicken katsu to taste. They also cooked several small pieces of the chicken. Plain deep fried along with the chicken katsu, I think. Let’s say they were chicken bites or something to make it easier.

ayam sorii

I gotta be amazed on how they presented the chicken katsu since the ration was quite perfect. They cooked the katsu with great balance between the chicken and the batter. The batter was crunchy and not hard to chew at all. Some places serve me chicken katsu with pretty hard batter though. It was like the batter was hard-cristalized due to the chicken being overcooked. If we speak about the meat, it was at the perfect texture and not undercooked. If you glare at it sideways, you’ll know in an instant that the ratio was pretty amazing both for the outer and inner stuff.

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