Ayam Geprek (Bu Rum) : Simply Original Flavor

One of chicken based food you can find around Yogyakarta is ayam geprek. It can be translated literally into ‘mashed chicken’ but I’ll stick to the original term though. It’s easier and more familiar to mention as well as people from Indonesia might find this post easier with that title, haha. This food is really almost everywhere with each ingredients and way of cooking signatures. However there’s this one place I always hit on whenever I crave for ayam geprek, it’s by Bu Rum (Mrs. Rum) and I’ll give the location by the end of this post. Walk with me through this post.

The Original Version of Ayam Geprek

I’ve tried several hawker stalls of ayam geprek but so far this one is what I love the most. I don’t know why even it’s just an original version and no additional style whatsoever.

ayam geprek 2

That’s a mashed chicken for sure (plus tofu). Aside from the chicken, you can add some side dishes like tofu, tempe, eggs, and some vegetables. Basically the seller will mash it with garlic, salt, and chilies. For the chilies (oh this sure could be a paradise for hot food lovers) you can ask as many as you want. I heard some people ordered a chicken with about 60 chilies once, dunno if it’s true or not. Anyway, since spicy food is not a thing, so I ordered that plainly, no chilies at all but with extra clove of garlic. If there were pieces of chili skins, they must be from the mashing before me.

The chicken was battered with flour before it’s being deep-fried. It might be plain if you eat as it is but when it’s mashed with another ingredients, that was dang awesome. A little bit salty but mostly garlic-y and I love that nuance. I usually don’t eat this with vegetables or soup since I want to taste the chicken entirely. If I have to, I’ll supply the vitamin with salad somewhere else but here with ayam geprekit’s just the protein.

Rice Portion? As MUCH As You Need

There’s a unique service here at ayam geprek (Bu Rum) and actually some other similar places.

ayam geprek

Here you can take as much rice as you want with only a portion price per person for any amount. So it’s no different price whether you take little or massive portion of rice. Some massive eaters would love this perk, though. I’m a standard eater so this perk is kind of useless to me but if you ever need extra treat of rice, help yourself.

With this great offers, it’s no wonder that the place could be packed during lunch or dinner hours. I often reach there just to see a long line of queue outside and spend quite a time to get to the cook. Luckily, the cook can handle orders unexpectedly fast so don’t really worry.

But, here’s the thing. Even though you can always pick free amount of rice, never bite off more than you can chew, as the proverb says. It’s very disrespectful and unacceptable if you waste food just because you take super massive amount but can’t take it all. Take as much as you need/want but be responsible. Personal advice! Gosh, I see lots of people do this and that kind of sad.

And To Conclude..

This place is sure only serve original version of ayam geprek but my opinion, this is the best so far. It has several branches (5 or 6) scattered across the town so just pick whichever closest. I’ll give the map of the one I often come to.

OK, I’m going to end this blog now, visit this blog daily for routine foodie and gaming updates, leave me some comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!

Oh, yeah , that one is labeled number one so I believe that’s the original root. It’s not a fancy place, instead it’s just a sidewalk hawker tent stall. Enjoy!




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