Apem : Another Traditional Indonesian Cake

Today I’m going to bring up another traditional snack from my childhood. Well, I’m still getting this snack once in a while, it just turned out that I got lots of this when I was a kid. The name is apem and it looks like dorayaki from Japan but has some differences. I bet the taste is different as well and I’m eager to try a piece of authentic dorayaki too! For today, I’m going to talk a little bit about this little sweets and I hope I don’t give too little passage on this one, though.. 😀

Apem Then And Now

For today’s post, I only got one picture to share and this one is my favorite apem of all time. As I said earlier there’re some difference of that sweet snack during my childhood days and nowadays.


A single plate of apem!

No, it’s not that big, the plate wasn’t big at all, it’s just I took a close up picture for better details. In fact, the overall size is just palm-size, no more. You can find this snack almost anywhere especially traditional markets. I dare to say that the price won’t be sky-high as well since it’s a traditional snack. Probably it’s about IDR 2.5k or IDR 4k top per piece. Back then it’s only IDR 500 to IDR 1k. 😀

I could say that nowaday’s apem is way better than what I had as a child. At that time it was very dry and crumbly that I can’t even finish one without at least one gulp of water. Dry, no kidding, and it was way less sweet either. What I have nowadays are more sweet and soft. Sometimes when I buy it after it’s baked, I can feel the outside crust with tender inside. Some sellers also put raisins inside this snack, various style. It’s not dry at all and I deeply enjoy it.

Well, I guess that’s all for today, and I’m going to share where I usually buy my favorite apem which is really close to my house. Visit me daily for foodie and gaming reviews, leave me some comments below, follow my IG @bitethefood, and see you next time!

They have the best of this snack! (personal opinion)



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