Gerobak Susu : Ageless Milk Bar

This time I want to talk about a milk bar (a really traditional and simple one, really) in Yogyakarta. I won’t talk much about the food, but a little bit of story about the shop instead. It’s called Gerobak Susu (literal English translation : milk cart). This milk bar is located not far from my home and only open start from around dusk until a little bit late night. Whenever I go pass around this shop, it’s always packed with people, mostly youngsters, making it a great place for hangout.

However, milk bars are scattered around Yogyakarta nowadays, each has different and vary designs and menu. Some have exquisite and fancy design with bright light and air conditioner, and some are just really traditional, like we take a sip under a tent on the sidewalk (usually open at night). And there’s these milk bars like Gerobak Susu which draw the line in between those style. It’s like a small 1-room building for every customers, plus extra seats outdoor on the side walk with no coverage. Walls are decorated mostly with orange to raise everyone’s appetite.


Menu At Gerobak Susu

Their menu are not as many as those fancy milk bars. Gerobak Susu stays with the style of traditional Indonesian milk stall that serves the likes of STMJ (milk + raw egg + honey + ginger mixture), and several other beverages like coffee and tea, also instant noodle and toast for the food. At the front, they have a traditional cart containing deep fried snacks (which are very common in Indonesia) like tofu, tempe, and others. They also have skewered items like intestines, liver, and so on.


Milk with Honey
(this is what I had that day)

Regardless of that outer appearance had not difference than plain milk, actually was in great ratio between the milk and the honey. It tasted perfect.

Journey Story Behind Gerobak Susu

My father told me a little story behind that milk bar. So, since my dad was a teenager, the owner has been selling milk there (not exactly in Gerobak Susu), but still at the same street, maybe just 100 meters apart. He started as a small milk tent that only had a few spot to sit down and hangout. He did that for years and has been improving ever since and finally developed larger place and started to buy that place for Gerobak Susu.

My dad stated that in the beginning, the owner sold and served everything by himself and now, he has several crews to work with. I gotta give respect for the effort, though. Being consistent and knowing no give up is a key to success. The price isn’t sky high and the place is pretty great for hanging out, that’s why this place is always packed. Even when I got there that day, I had to wait several minutes to get unoccupied seat.

So that’s it, it’s just a few for the foodie, but I want to talk more into the story even it’s just a few lines. Getting new life lessons to approach our future further and smarter. Thank you for reading my story, give comments if you have ideas or opinions, leave like if you enjoy reading my experience, and see you on the next trip.


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